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You can also find this "funny and heartfelt valentine to Pittsburgh"
at A Pleasant Present in Squirrel Hill, Kards Unlimited in Shadyside, or The Heinz History Center.

"My Tale Of Two Cities" will also be playing at The Oaks Theater in Oakmont December 19th to December 23rd at 5 pm. For directions, go to: These screenings will benefit Steeltown's Youth and Media Initiative with the Holy Family Institute (see and

There will also be a special Christmas Eve screening of "My Tale of Two Cities" with a Chinese Meal at Rodef Shalom Temple. It is open to the public and begins at 6:30. For information, please email Leslie Garrison at or CLICK Here.

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Whether you're a boomerang, comeback kid, recent transplant, or dyed-in-the-wool Burgher, you won't want to miss "My Tale of Two Cities," the much-buzzed about new film by St. Elmo's Fire screenwriter and Steeltown Entertainment Project co-founder Carl Kurlander, which proves once and for all, that yes, you can go home again. With 1,300 people packing the film's sold-out debut (and delivering a standing ovation!),... ("My Tale of Two Cities" is)... a sort of collective cinematic homecoming for Pittsburghers everywhere... the film stars beloved local icons like Franco Harris and Mr. McFeely, and traces the city's storied role in building America's steel, conquering polio, and inventing everything from aluminum to the Big Mac. A classic comeback tale for a town in transition, the film follows the witty and charming Kurlander as he tosses a football with Franco Harris, shops with Teresa Heinz Kerry, has breakfast with Paul O' Neill, and ponders the time honored question: Can you go home again? Dubbed a "funny valentine to Pittsburgh,"... you know you'll cry black and gold tears as Pittsburghers from Times Square to Beverly Hills to Point State Park sing in unison to the city's anthem, "Won't You Be My Neighbor?"-- Pop City Media

Read the article: Love Letter to the Burgh: still time to catch My Tale of Two Cities on the big screen and check out the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and USA Today articles on "My Tale Of Two Cities".

We thank you and hope you enjoy this film that proves "it's never too late to come back" and that the whole world really is "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood."

If you would like to arrange for a screening of "My Tale of Two Cities" in your neighborhood (regionally or at venues around the country), please contact