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Louie Anderson

Named one of the top hundred comedians by Comedy Central, Emmy-awarding comedian Louie grew up in Minneapolis which was named by Money Magazine the "Hot" city to live in the same year "Pittsburgh" was named "Not." Louie is also the author of The F Word: How to Survive Your Family which he wrote with Carl Kurlander.

Franco Harris

In his rookie year, Franco Harris caught a pass in the play-offs, which became known as "The Immaculate Reception." That single play transformed the Pittsburgh Steelers, a once losing franchise, into one of the most successful teams in NFL history, as Franco helped lead the Pittsburgh Steelers to four Super Bowls during the 1970s. Following his Hall of Fame career, Franco continues to live in Pittsburgh where he is active in many local charities and as a businessman whose company Super Bakery is a leader in bakery nutrition producing "Super Donuts" and "Super Buns" which are marketed to school systems in all fifty states.

Richard Florida

Known as one of the world's leading public intellectuals on economic competitiveness, cultural and technological innovation, and urban studies, Richard Florida formulated many of his public policy theories during his tenure as a professor at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon University from 1987-2004. His best known theory is his concept of 'creative class,' knowledge workers and creative individuals who are shaping the future of urban centers, which he described in his best selling book, "The Rise of the Creative Class." Florida's next book, focusing on issues involving urban renewal, titled "Who's Your City?" is due out in 2008.

Teresa Heinz Kerry

Though known elsewhere as the wife of Senator John Kerry, Teresa Heinz Kerry has deep roots in Pittsburgh, having come here as the young bride of Senator John Heinz in 1971. Following the tragic death of Senator Heinz in a 1991 airplane crash, Teresa Heinz decided to remain in Pittsburgh to raise their three sons and run the Heinz Endowments, a philanthropic organization that 'uses the Pittsburgh region as a laboratory for the development .of solutions to challenges that are national in scope.' Mrs. Heinz married Senator Kerry in 1995.

Paul O'Neill

A world-renown businessman, Paul O'Neill came to Pittsburgh in 1987 to serve as Chairman and CEO of Alcoa just as many other companies were leaving the city. Restructuring the way this "old school" company did business, by the time Mr. O'Neill retired in 2000, Alcoa was one of the top stocks among the Dow Jones Industrials as Mr. O'Neill was credited with "running an Old Economy company as though it were a New Economy company." He also served as Treasury Secretary of the United States from 2001-2002. A local and national leader in addressing issues of patient safety and quality in healthcare, O'Neill helped establish the Pittsburgh Regional Healthcare Initiative 1997.

David Newell

Best remembered for his role as Mr. McFeely, the mailman in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, and his famous catchphrase, Speedy delivery! Speedy delivery! David Newell continues to tour the country to this day promoting the show and espousing the positive values that characterized Fred Rogers' show.

Mayor Bob O' Connor

Bob O'Connor, a lifelong Pittsburgher and former City Council President, became Pittsburgh's 58th mayor in January, 2006. During his short time in office, O'Connor spearheaded a campaign of urban renewal that "Redd up Pittsburgh," hosted a Super Bowl Parade that brought back the "City of Champions," and helped to propel Pittsburgh to regain its title as "America's Most Liveable City." After serving as mayor for only several months, Mayor O'Connor died tragically of a rare form of brain cancer in August 2006.

Joanne Rogers

A concert pianist, Joanne Rogers was married to Fred Rogers for over fifty years, during which time they became parents to two sons and grandparents to three grandsons. Since Fred's death, Joanne has participated in the celebration of Fred's legacy, including writing the forewords to, The World According to Mister Rogers, Life Journeys According to Mister Rogers, and Many Ways to Say I Love You.

Dr. Thomas Starzl

Universally regarded as the pioneer of modern organ transplantation, Dr. Thomas Starzl performed the first human liver transplant in 1963, as well as the first heart and liver transplant in 1984. He has also performed groundbreaking research on organ rejection, which has greatly increased the safety and success of transplant procedures. Starzl came to Pittsburgh in 1981 when he joined the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center as head of its organ transplant program. During his time as a surgeon in Pittsburgh, he established the city as the world center of organ transplantation and has authored over 2100 scientific articles, making him the most cited scientist in the field of clinical medicine.

Bill Strickland

Although he has lived in the same community his entire life, Bill Strickland has influenced not only his hometown of Pittsburgh but also the world beyond. In 1968, while still a student at the University of Pittsburgh, he established the Manchester Craftmen's Guild and Bidwell Training Center as a vehicle to give hope to residents in his North Side neighborhood. Today Manchester Bidwell offers a wide range of services such as art classes for students, a jazz program and art gallery, and training center which prepares adults for work. Strickland has received numerous awards for his vision of healthy communities created through culture and enterprise. In 1996 he received a "Genius in the Arts" MacArthur Fellowship Program Award, he served as a past board member of the National Endowment for the Arts, and he presently serves on the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities. Recently, he was also named by "Pittsburgh Magazine" as Pittsburgher of the Year and in 2007 he finished writing a book titled Making the Impossible Possible, a book which Strickland hopes will help people "generate a sense of purpose and power in their life that is the real engine behind genuine success."

Sister Linda Yankoski

Creativity, leadership, and positive thinking have characterized the career of Sister Linda Yankoski. Sister Linda, a native of Michigan, came to Pittsburgh in the 1970's to become a Sister in the Holy Family of Nazareth. Soon after arriving in the city she began working for the Holy Family Institute, an organization that helps displaced children and families who are struggling with violence and substance abuse issues. After a devastating fire in 1984, Sister Linda helped to rebuild Holy Family Institute into an organization that serves more than 6,000 children and families throughout Pennsylvania.

Cyril Wecht

Best known for his testimony before the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1978, where he argued against the findings of the Warren Commission that President John F. Kennedy was shot by a single bullet, Cyril Wecht has established himself as a world renowned forensic pathologist. Wecht's expert consultation has been called upon for many of the most famous murder cases in modern American history including the JonBenet Ramsey and Vincent Foster murders. Wecht also served for forty years as coroner and medical examiner of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

Tom Kurlander

has worked in the entertainment business for two decades, appearing as an actor in films such as "Dave", Kindergarten Cop" and "Young Guns II", and on television including "Moment of Truth: Stalking Back", Danielle Steel's "Remembrance", and countless other television shows and commercials. Having recently returned to his hometown of Pittsburgh, Tom has also found success as a producer and director, co-founding Jump Start Films, a production company which creates marketing films for businesses and organizations, and Family Shorts, which makes high quality films that tell the stories of families. (See and

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