My Tale of Two Cities
My Tale of Two Cities

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My Tale of Two Cities is a funny and heartfelt Pittsburgh comeback story that tells the tale of a once great industrial giant which built America with its steel, conquered polio, and invented everything from aluminum to the Big Mac, which has now, like many cities across America, been challenged to reinvent itself. This proves once and for all that you can go home again and that it is never too late to comeback.

".... a story of comebacks, coming back and what a beautiful day in the neighborhood can mean." --Barb Vancheri, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"A wry and funny tale about the fulfillment found in coming home... A cross between Woody Allen and Fred Rogers, (Kurlander) reminds us that our cities are the real "Real America" because they are the creative, connected places in which we can best renew ourselves, our country, and our hope for all humanity." -- Howard Fineman, Newsweek

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"A movie that is timely, moving, and - above all - entertaining. You can't get an entire city into therapy - but this film is the next best thing." -- Mitch Teich, Milwaukee Public Radio


My Tale of Two Cities is an inspiring film about cities and people redefining their identities for a new age as told through the eyes of "St. Elmo's Fire" screenwriter Carl Kurlander who moved back to the real-life "Mister Rogers Neighborhood" only to find both himself and Pittsburgh in mid-life crisis. In an attempt to help his hometown while exploring with honesty and humor whether you can go home again, Kurlander tosses a football with Steeler legend Franco Harris and his son Dok, goes shopping in the Strip with Teresa Heinz Kerry, and asks everyone from his dermatologist to his first infatuation, the girl who inspired "St. Elmo's Fire", how Pittsburgh can once again become "The City of Champions." The result is a film which has charmed audiences in over 25 cities across North America.

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Watch this special conversation on WQED about Pittsburgh with Tale stars Franco Harris, Dok Harris, Paul O' Neill, Joanne Rogers, Pittsburgh Foundation President Grant Oliphant, and Michael Bartley Click here.

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City Council Declares "My Tale of Two Cities" Day in Pittsburgh celebrating the "national attention" the film has received and how this "funny and hopeful film about coming home again... addresses how people and communities going through tough times can redefine who they are."



From Windsor, Ontario, to Santa Fe, New Mexico to Capitol Hill, audiences in over 25 cities across North America cannot enough get of this funny and hopeful comeback story about coming home and people and cities reinventing themselves for a new age, "Tale" captures the timely, inspiring resurgence of the city of Pittsburgh--the real life "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood"-- while also exploring a more universal story about how we must confront our past in order to move on to our future.

"If you believe in miraculous comebacks, you've got to catch this film." -- Franco Harris, Hall of Fame Steeler

"A delightful, quirky, heartwarming film that is as funny as it is revealing..." -- Don Roy King, director, "Saturday Night Live"

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